Katherine Starks


Tax Sales

I will help with your goal to take your certificates from purchase to deed and beyond. Without the knowledge and experience that comes with time, the Indiana tax sale process can be filled with potential pitfalls. I assist my clients with a better understanding of the Indiana tax sale process, statutes, and caselaw. Once you retain my services, I will assist you to order your title search(es), prepare and file your 137b form(s), search the records for additional noticing addresses, prepare and send your 4.5 and 4.6 notices and file your Deed Petition(s). Should there be an objection or issue with your certificate/petition I will represent you before the Court. Once you get your deed(s), I will assist you with quieting the title and the sale or leasing process.

Real Property

I will assist with your real property issues whether they be litigation or contractual. I assist clients with preparing or reviewing purchase agreements and other sales documents, land contacts, deeds, mortgages and notes, memorandums, easements and deeds. I also assist with more complicated matters such as establishing or defending liens, easements, adverse possession, or other claims to or against real property.

Wills, Advanced Directives, and Powers of Attorney

I will organize and complete your will, advanced directive(s), and powers of attorney. My goal is to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that: when you are unable to care for yourself you have in place those documents needed to have others to do for you what you would have done for yourself.

Estate Administration

When you are entrusted with administering a loved one’s final wishes and estate; I will assist you to open a probate estate or to prepare a small estate affidavit and to maneuver through the legal necessities. I will prepare and file petitions and supporting documents, deeds, affidavits, notices, publications, and assist with handling claims against the estate.

Leases and Evictions

I will assist you to prepare your lease and to enforce your lease by eviction. If you are a new landlord, I will help you to understand your responsibilities and obligations to your tenants; and theirs to you. I will prepare letters and give you opinions when you are faced with a landlord-tenant situation that you are unsure of.

Business Formation

I will review with you the various business entities available to you and assist you with choosing the entity that best serves your needs. I will prepare your operating agreements, review with you the various licenses, insurance, and bonds you may need, assist you with registering your business with the Secretary of State, assist you to acquire your EIN number, and help you to understand your ongoing obligations.

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